Tuesday, December 29, 2009

it's an end but a new start


Monday, October 12, 2009

wasai..poor liao

this going to be the most dificult week of me... assignment?? nah.. they can't even couse me to bleed tat much, but broke in cash is surrly killing me, shit... now it's monday, i've about 20 bucks for me to last a week and it's about 5 bucks a day...aiyo... KNS

Thursday, September 10, 2009

I'm on my way~~~

muahahah~~ finally some hard has been paid off... hmhm... the project from may to end of this year is going quite well.. finally fit in my departed one year's "orange shirt".. whoa...really miss my sell in tat shirt.. really one year didn't wear.... if u have my facebook inside there are all the pic tat ppl post to me.. ty yo them.. and at tat time i'm still fat fat o ( now oso abit lar)... hmhm...let's see wat happens in the year end..call me out if you wana know~~

Thursday, August 6, 2009


today as usual...it's like my life is now so mechine..haiz???

morning=ass ichy... juice and bread
lunch= rice/ chicken/ vegie SIAN!!
night= 1L soya / bread / and 2 batang chicken and 1 batang keram.... alittle onli

15 min jogging
bicep=100 each

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

1w6d wasai..

so lazy today, becoz raining?? or i'm just about to lazz?? but every thing didn't stop me from work out today, the gym was so cold today, not good lar... so i went back home to continue my work out.. hm... it's obvious tat now i onli change my upper body to be more muscular, but har... the tummy leh, like ramain.. so tomolo i think i should change abit of my ways... 1st do all the running lar, stairs climbing lar, and ridding, then i continue with my dumbell..

lunch= abit rice/ fish/ vegie..(so boring..)
night=same with morning..hmhm

15 min ridding
bicep=100 each
shoulder=30(wa...this new style really die fast..)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


wa...wat a start this week, so smooth, today go ktv with shirley and tensen, same again newway, so sian, no freeflow drinks, but the meals are ok, the salad buffet boring lar, btw..tensen's good at singing.. can compare to me lar,,hahaha...joking onli, and still went to my work out session.. yea

morning= same
lunch= some rice and chicken/ green apple oso got
dinner= c'reals wit milk

15 minit bike
wrist=100 each
bottem belly= 40(die)
new. stairs climbing mechine= 10 floors

Monday, August 3, 2009

1W4D, it's so into my plan

hmhm...finally got 1 day that my plan is going smoothly...today got some1 say i lose abit fat o..muahaha..now onli i know tat i do gym and lose fat ar... the weight will not drop... just the shape will srink down, hmhm... today play whole day ball...the work out, today i soo duno got wat power, straigh push chest 200 times divide into 4 sets 50 times each,wasai.... now night like break appart, but tat's wat i like, hmhm... man leh.. nice oOOoo

morning= same
lunch= little rice/ chicken/ 2 types of vegie which i duno the name
night= 4 slice bread/ then curi curi makan " fat one" BBQ lok lok..nice la..the chicken was the best, lamb was ok, the dear meat was not really consider as food.

bike ride 15 min